Functional Modern Dish Towels ••• Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Wash, Dry, Scrub?

Bamboo Scrub Brushes have been added to the Render Goods Family! Now instead of just drying with ease, you can wash and scrub too!

Recycled Napkins Are Here!

Years in the Making... We Wanted To Do Napkins Right! We've FINALLY Found a Recycled Material We Know You'll Love!

These Napkins are Lovingly Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles, Using a Different Feel/Weave than our Flagship Dish Towels.

So How Does Recycled Plastic Become A Dish Towel?

The Recycled Bottles are Shredded Down, Melted into Pellets, Spun like Cotton Candy, and then Lovingly Woven into the Softest Most Absorbent Dish Towel You'll Ever Get Your Hands On.

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